Cloud services

The cloud is a hot topic. Given the current situation, it has been shown that being able to work flexibly from anywhere is very important. This is one of the reasons why many organizations want to work from the ''cloud''. 

However, the cloud is not the best choice for every business and is only a means to an end. Is the cloud a good choice for your organization? Graficom Aruba can help you answer these and other questions.

Those who use the cloud place applications and data in a cloud environment that is hosted in data centers. You only pay for the use of applications and do not need to invest in the underlying IT infrastructure. High upfront investments are therefore a thing of the past with the cloud, while you get a high degree of scalability.

Secure access to data

Many companies offer the option of logging in from different locations, but choose to restrict access to data for security reasons. This limits your access to the documents you need and hinders you in your work. With online workplaces in the cloud, you give your employees the possibility to access the documents they need anytime and anywhere, even on the road, at home or at the customer. This without compromising the security of your data.

What form of cloud will you choose?

The cloud is available in all shapes and sizes, which does not make it easy to switch. Which cloud is most suitable for your situation and your organisation? You can choose from the public, private or hybrid cloud. You also have the choice of a large number of different cloud providers. Some providers offer a managed cloud, where the management of the environment is fully taken care of. Other providers offer a cloud environment you can manage yourself.

The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Curious about the possibilities of the cloud and the added value it can bring to your organization? Contact Graficom Aruba! Our experts will advise you about the different types of cloud and providers you can choose from and will list the advantages and disadvantages for your situation.

Working in the cloud is attractive for many companies because of the flexibility and accessibility from different places and devices. Our experience shows that the best suitable solution is found in consultation with the company, focused on the added value for your business.

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