About Graficom

Vision Graficom

We see a dynamic world where changes and innovations take place frequently and where the physical and digital worlds become increasingly dependent on each other. We believe that a secure digital world contributes to better performance of companies and institutions. Indirectly, this contributes to a better, developed world.

Graficom is focused on the developments in this dynamic world and makes working digitally easier and safer by advising, supporting and relieving organizations with technical and specialized knowledge in the field of IT, business organization and security. 

Mission Graficom

Our ambition is to be the best and most reliable IT partner on the market. We want to achieve this by working in a professional, entrepreneurial and customer-oriented way. Our mission is to build a stable and secure digital environment in trust. From an interactive cooperation we build IT environments to meet the customer's needs.

We use innovative and creative solutions to turn complex issues into an efficient and workable environment. The customers must be able to work on their own goals and performance in a future-proof, safe and secure manner. The users have working comfort and support when and where needed. We unburden the customer in the IT field with a high degree of availability, reliability and financial manageability (flexible scalability and fixed).

Graficom exists for more than 20 years and has experienced a healthy growth. Below you'll find an outline of the history that Graficom has built up over the years:


Foundation of Graficom by Goran Grcic


Relocation to a larger office building in Hendrik Ido Ambacht


Company development and staff growth


Relocation to larger office building in Ridderkerk

2009 - 2015

Growth in size of customers, segments and employees


Extension of the current office building


Establishment and opening of branch office in curacao


Acquisition of a fellow IT service provider


Relocation to larger office building in Ridderkerk

2017 - 2018

20th anniversary of the company


Opening of new office location


Opening of new branch office Aruba

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